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You want to create a life you love in alignment with your values and dreams.  And you want to have fun doing it.

Does one (or more!) of these statements resonate with you?:

You want to bring more self-care and creative flow into your daily life.

You want to earn money using your creativity while still being present to your family.

You want help getting focused and breaking down steps to take toward making a career change or going back to work/school.

You want to squeeze more joy out of the life you have.


jennarrows1You want support in saying “no” to things that keep you from pursuing your deeper calling.

jennarrows1You want to shift creative blocks (such as negative self-talk, perfectionism, and comparison) that get in the way of sharing your unique gifts with others.

jennarrows1You want to re-connect to your center to create space for what brings you alive and to discover your deeper desires.  

Much like you, I want to be an amazing mama. I want to have a flexible work-style and I want to share my gifts with others.  Above all, I want to feel deeply connected to my soul.

So I understand…it can be exciting, invigorating, and yes, even scary to try to figure out how to align your dreams with the values you hold dear.

As a certified Creativity Coach and Mama Bliss Coach, I can guide you toward experiencing more freedom, greater clarity, and more moments of play so you can fully love your life.

Using engaging tools and inspired support we will take a closer look at what is currently working in your life, what you are struggling with, where you would like to make change, and how you can create more space in your life for what you truly desire.

You can expect a safe, nourishing space, compassionate, nonjudgmental listening, and an encouraging witness to your journey.

I would be honored to help you connect to your most authentic self.


Jenn is an expert at asking just the right questions and giving a compassionate space for the answers and musings that need voicing. She is easy to talk to because she has a relaxed yet engaged and caring demeanor. She holds the space for clients to recognize the good stuff that exists within them and helps them celebrate themselves, effortlessly inspiring their next move.

Jill B.

You have such a wonderful way with are able to convey joy, love and kindness in a such a lyrical way.  Such a gift to your clients that is uniquely you! 

Katie F.

Although I worked with Jenn for only a small snippet of time, it changed my life dramatically. Jenn helped me release mental blocks that were preventing me from taking action and by doing so, she helped me reshape the way I approached my goals so that I actually took steps and opened doors. I came away from my experience working with Jenn with a new personal perspective and have been actively pursuing my passions and interests with a new sense of freedom and joy.

Sara T.

Are you ready to begin?

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