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Words To Live ByFall 2017

I love to create. I love rituals. And, I love to create my own rituals.

For me a ritual is something I can drop into, be held by, and show up to. It’s an act that I ascribe meaning to. It’s an invitation for sacredness and connection to Source (Divine Love, Creative Essence). This past summer I began a new creative ritual. It’s part vision board, part intention setting, word of the year, core desired feelings. Mostly it’s fun and it provides a container of my own making for me to create within. At the start of summer, feeling the energy of the upcoming eclipses I needed a visual map of my soul. I needed it again in the fall. One was “how I want to feel this summer.” The next was “words to live by, fall 2017.” There are no rules.

You are simply following your heart. What is your heart yearning for? Curious about?

I heard these words as I wrote, daydreamed, pulled oracle cards and sat and breathed. For some reason 4 words came to me each season.This worked well visually as I looked for images online that captured the feeling of the words for me.

I was surprised by some of the words and feelings. Badass? Hmmm…Badass, for me, meant following my heart even if it didn’t make sense to others. And, loam? I fell in love with that word. My body craved the forest floor in the fall. I found myself pulled there again and again. The smell of the earth healing me on a deep level. Flow, I knew was about letting go, creating without expectations or attachments. Creating for the joy of creating itself. And, Write. This one felt like tough love from a good friend. A continual nudge, a reminder.

Even though I’m beginning to do my year end reflecting, releasing, and inviting (you can find my year end ritual here) this week, I also look forward to continuing this seasonal ritual. It’s a delightful way to access the inspiration that lies within my heart. I believe in delight. It’s an energy I trust. One of my favorite quotes is this one by Rumi,

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

I would love to hear if you have a seasonal ritual you love. Please share in the comments if you wish.

(Repost from December, 2017)

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