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Tend Your Inner Garden

Don’t let summer derail you.

I feel like I’m just picking up momentum with my work when the whirlwind of end-of-school festivities and beginning of summer hits. Then that momentum comes to a quick halt – the sound of metal scraping against metal.

I can feel the sparks as I pull the brakes on my forward moving train. Time to rein it in, course correct, get on the summer track. Letting go of forward progress with healthy practices, a passion project, my heart-centered work. Heck, letting go of a moment to myself. 

Getting into summer mode means letting go of forward progress, which I always regret by the end of summer because I have stopped my healthy practices, quit the passion project, and abandoned my heart-centered work. All to chase a “perfect summer.”

Summer is a short time compared to the rest of the year. It’s often filled to the brim with activity. 

We want to feel freedom and expansiveness but instead we feel like if we don’t hurry up we’re going to miss “it all.”

We’re juggling hosting family and friends, taxi-ing our kids to summer camps so they don’t get bored, orchestrating grand adventures, completing household projects and more. It’s easy to get lost in it all. To lose that thread to ourselves.

By the time school starts we need a few more weeks to settle into a new routine again (arghh…lunch making!). It might be late September before we circle back to find our way again. And now it’s all overgrown. We have to clear out the debris before we can come back into momentum and focusing on the things that matter – to US.

Does this feel familiar?

The support you need to stay on your track.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I have found that when I put supports in place to continue my work (albeit sometimes slowly or differently) – I keep my momentum into the fall.

My yoga and meditation practice are familiar friends. And so are my hamstrings!

I feel rejuvenated by Summer’s flexible days instead of burnt out.

My work is still going, I don’t resent my kids, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out because you can’t miss out when you’re taking aligned action forward. Better yet, I don’t feel like I’m suddenly meeting myself again like a long-lost friend when autumn arrives.

This summer I’m offering a special summer coaching program to give you the support you need to stay on track – with yourself.

We’ll work on creating a supportive and do-able self-care practice, staying connected to your creative thread, finding a rich work/life balance, and anything else that keeps you joyfully chugging down YOUR track.

By fall, you’ll feel ready to hit the ground running as you drop the kids off at school.

You’ll feel rejuvenated, clear, connected within, and ready for aligned action. It will be a transition but it won’t derail you. You’ll unroll that dust-free yoga mat with a flourish, full of summer, enlivened and connected at the beginning of fall.

Commit to YOURSELF this summer! 

Check out my Tend Your Inner Garden summer coaching program here. 

Let me know how I can support you! Click here to book a free 20-minute discovery session with me.


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