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“Whatever you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” —Goethe

Each year, in the final weeks before Spring Equinox, I begin a simple detox. 

I start with caffeine, which usually has snuck it’s way into a late winter habit. This year I ordered the Wearerasa sampler with adaptogens and mushrooms to help me ease off the caffeine more gracefully. Other years I might begin with black tea and then slowly switch to green, finally weaning myself to herbal. I add in bitter greens, an apple cider vinegar shot, warm lemon water first thing in the morning, and lighter soups to my days. (note: I’ve already eliminated gluten, dairy, alcohol, meat, and cut down on sugar because of personal beliefs and to help prevent migraines. If caffeine isn’t a big deal for you, try eliminating one or more of these from your diet instead.)

Next I check in with my daily routines. What do I need to clean up here? This time around I want to reinstate my early morning time. The sun is rising earlier and so will I. My days always feel longer when I get up before the rest of the household. 

Creating a daily schedule for myself gets me back on track and reconnects me to how I want to spend my weekdays.

I make sure to find time for the things I value most (reading & contemplation, my kids, movement, work & creativity, healthy meals, good sleep). I will admit it’s not easy for me to stick to a schedule. Similar to using a budget, I often feel like I’m setting myself up to fail. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the year of the Earth Pig, but I feel ready to give both a good try.

One of the most important components of any detox is the mental piece.

What we tell ourselves can become toxic too and will become the greatest hindrance to wellbeing if we aren’t careful. I have some clean up work to do here too. My goal is to approach everything as a choice. “I choose….” has power, genius and magic. Actively choosing brings consciousness to the endeavor. You’re no longer a victim of circumstances. Try it for a day and see how it feels for you. 

My house gets a detox too. Tidying up the random piles accumulating on counters, in corners, on my bedroom floor. A fridge clean out. Do you walk past cobwebs too? 

Spring cleaning, a life detox, lent, whatever you choose to call it…now is the time to reinvigorate our body, mind, routines, relationships and home by no longer walking past those cobwebs (literally or metaphorically). 

Just like the first shoots breaking through the ground it’s time to slough off the vestiges of winter to prepare for new growth. 

I’ve created a Spring Detox Guide just for you, so you can get started right away. The most important thing is to keep it simple and get-to-it-able, and of course, to choose it for you.

Book a session with me to jumpstart your Spring, come up with a custom lifestyle detox map, and clean up any mental clutter that’s holding you back. Connect with me here to schedule a discovery session. It’s free!

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