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Wonder Woman Xlg

She lives in each of us. We are HER. Sometimes we just forget.

Growing up in the ’70s my favorite outside play, once I had my own banana seat bike (aka. invisible jet!), was to act out the two female superheroes on TV – Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman. Since my friend Erin was a blonde and I am brunette I got to play Wonder Woman. We both had invisible jets to make it more fair. With a rope for my golden lasso and pretend wrist cuffs to deflect pretty much anything coming my way, I was ready to defend the world from all evil. We spent hours playing this imaginary game.

The best part of all was changing from plain-clothes me to fantastical, courageous Wonder Woman by spinning with my arms outstretched. In our game, there were countless reasons for me to turn myself into someone I was not…YET.

I had no idea as that young girl that I was practicing for womanhood and motherhood.

That there would be time after time when I would need to reach deep inside for the strength, beauty and grace of Wonder Woman to deal with everyday life. It’s often in the bigger moments of birth, death, divorce or any number of losses that we come in contact with this part of ourselves.

But, what about accessing these qualities each and every day—when we talk to our partner, kids or coworkers, when we have to say something that may not be popular, when we must lead our family by example or dare to do something different (like giving up gossip or junk food)?

As I sat among the women in my last round of group coaching, I witnessed the Wonder Woman within each one, growing a little week by week. I know they saw it in each other too. Being seen in this way by other moms allows the seeds of these qualities to take root inside you and in your life.

When asked what the best part of group coaching was, each woman responded the same.

  • The best part was being in the presence of other moms who are willing to share their struggles and triumphs with openness and depth.
  • The ladies. Their amazing open hearts. I loved the sharing and the support of deeply caring humans.  
  • I loved getting know all the amazing women in our group. We went to some deep, vulnerable places, and it always felt safe.
  • Getting to know an amazing group of wise women!

Soon you too will be spinning out of your everyday roles and into the life you’re longing for—the one that has you feeling fully alive and in wonder.

From this place you will gain a fresh perspective on what serves you and what you can let go of for the greater good of all. You will stand up for yourself more often. This might look like carving out time for movement, stillness, creativity and deeper connection in your relationships. Or it might look like getting rid of the “stuff” of your life so you have more space for what really matters to you. It might simply look like creating a bedtime ritual that supports finally getting the sleep you need—so you can feel like Wonder Woman more often.

Whatever it is that you want to shift or become in your life, you don’t have to do it alone. You can join my next round of group coaching, which begins June 20th. You can get all the details and sign up right here.

Because we are amazing, us women and moms, and sometimes we just need to remember who we really are.

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