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Magic sounds like something you do wearing a robe and wielding a wand. This is not what I mean here.

What I mean by magic is suspending rational, left-brain thinking. Getting out of our thinking minds and accessing our intuition (also referred to as inner -knowing, heart-mind, and gut feelings.)

Oracle and tarot readings and my regular yoga practice strengthen my intuition and a deeper connection to the wisdom that lives in my body.

When I can access this deeper place within me, in which I feel connected to both Spirit and Earth, it feels magical.


Mother’s Wisdom Oracle Readings

Ask a question, hold an intention, invite wisdom to infuse your daily life and relationships with a personalized reading.

I will use the Mother’s Wisdom Oracle deck and choose a spread that best supports you.

You will receive:

jennarrows1A picture of the spread (the cards are beautiful!) 

jennarrows1A detailed report with an interpreted “answer” and more (including journal prompts, self-care suggestions, and mothering support)

Once you complete your purchase you will be directed to an intake form where you can state your question or intention, and any other relevant information for your reading.

If you are wondering how you will know the “right” question to ask, here are a few suggestions:

jennarrows1Sit quietly, breath deeply, have a cup of tea, or go for a walk and feel what comes to your heart.

jennarrows1Trust that what surfaces is right for you for now.

jennarrows1If you are struggling with where to focus (self, children, spouse, career or life purpose) begin with yourself. 

Step into your creative life!
(because creativity isn’t just for artists.)

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