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When your outer or inner world comes unraveled, knitting is a tangible way to find healing and wholeness once again.

Knitting as a verb:
//to become closely and firmly joined together; grow together; as broken bones do
//to become closely and intimately united

I feel like I’ve been here before. Back when I opened my store in 1999 we were in an optimistic economy. As a new and inexperienced small business owner I had a pretty easy going first year (hard work for sure but with positive results). And, then, 9/11 happened, and with it came so much fear and anxiety on a level I had been fortunate in my 29 years to have not yet felt. That year I asked for two things for Christmas—beginning knitting lessons and a 10 class pass to a nearby yoga studio. My heart knew that I needed respite from my anxious, repetitive thoughts. That winter, in the act of making with my hands, I was able to knit myself back to wholeness.

Knitting offers empowerment—in the simple act of creating beauty and warmth out of seemingly nothing at all.

The simple act of knitting a piece of fabric out of fiber and two sticks becomes a visual representation of the fabric of your life—it’s yours to create with every thought, expression, conversation, relationship, decision, and action you take, no matter what turmoil is happening around you.

//bind; link; unite

Knitting can also be an act of charity, community, creativity, and connection.

Knitting offers us a way to give to those in need and to those near and dear to us, a way to come together, to create possibility, and to connect more than just each stitch to another.

Throughout history communities have come together to knit in hard times. Sending socks to troops, afghans to Afghanistan, newborn hats to women’s clinics around the world.

And, here we are now. Fear is front and center again. It feels familiar. But, this time I already have a time honored skill in my back pocket and sticks and yarn at the ready. Knitting has been calling to me again all fall (as it so often does) but in a much different way this time. Now I feel called to share this skill with others.

I’m offering two knitting clinics at my home as we head into the holidays, for those who want to try their hand at it, for those who want help with their project or want to refresh their skills and for those who want to create in community.

The dates are Thursday, November 17th 7-9pm and Friday, December 2nd 7-9pm. Cost is $20.
Please email me to R.S.V.P. and I will give you my address.

I’ll also be teaching a beginning knitting class for the Resilience Guild (on Bainbridge Island, WA) in late January. Check out their website for all the details.

Whether it’s knitting, woodworking, sewing, weaving, spinning, printing, or painting I wish you some form of handwork to align you (head, heart, and hands) during this uncertain time. There is resilience, satisfaction, and peace to be found in the time honored act of making with our hands.

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