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Group Coaching

Invite more of what you really want in motherhood.

You feel a yearning to shift, to grow, to pursue a desire outside the home.

At the same time, you want to feel rooted, grounded, settled in your family life and relationships.

These forces seem to be pulling you in opposite directions. But the truth is you need both.

My group coaching program will help you feel grounded and take flight. We’ll build and strengthen our muscles together, so you can do it all with grace.

If you’re a mother, you’re probably eager for…

  • Belonging.
  • Permission to be you – to mother authentically.
  • Time for your own creative passions or just a moment to yourself to discover what they are.
  • A harmonious work and home life with rhythm and routine.
  • Letting go of perfectionism to welcome more vitality and joy.

There’s such a powerful dynamic that occurs when a group of women come together around common desires. Together we listen, hatch plans of all sizes, and lift each other up.

We’ll build a strong foundation in self-care, creativity, core values, and simplicity.

These are the pillars of my own life as a single mom of two curious, energetic, big-hearted children. Because of the rituals and routines I’ve built up over the years, I’ve been able to grow my coaching business and show my children how to live with tenacity and an innovative spirit – while working a part-time job, knitting, sewing and growing our own food, and being involved in my community.

I’ll guide you to move step-by-small-step in the direction of your heart (because contentment looks different for everyone). Along the way you’ll see yourself reflected within the circle of women.

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Hear what women are saying about their group coaching experience:

“The questions you brought every week were like magic pebbles leading me into expansive terrains. It was an unfolding every week. The ability to pause, reflect, and go deep was exactly the medicine I needed.”  —Anna M.

“The best part was being in the presence of other moms who are willing to share their struggles and triumphs with openness and depth.”—Lana F.

“I learned to take a deep breath and be patient with myself and the process of making changes. I got more centered and calm and discovered the power of a small step. I learned we are all grappling with many of the same challenges and how affirming it can be to simply gather together. It felt good to take care of myself this way.”
—Alorie G.

“Jenn is an outstanding coach, a natural guide. She can help you with career advice, relationship and parenting advice and guide you in your personal growth. Jenn is wise and intuitive and will help you find your path.”—Meredith P.

The benefits of group coaching include:

◊  Belonging to a circle of supportive women.

◊  Space to discover – to remember yourself in motherhood.

◊  The confidence and clarity that comes from thoughtful questions and taking action.

◊  Support you can’t get from your mom, partner or friends (wonderful as they may be).

The details:

♦  This summer session will be an intimate group of no more than 10 women who are committed to showing up for themselves and each other.

♦  The program runs for 10 weeks, from June 20th until August 29th (excluding July 4th).

♦  We’ll meet for an hour on Tuesdays at 10am PST, using an online platform (Zoom).

♦  Between sessions, we’ll stay in touch in a private Facebook group to build community and share inspiration.

Cost $450.

Experience the beauty of where you are now AND the excitement of where you’re headed. There’s room for it all.

Summer Session Begins June 20th!

Claim your seat among this dynamic and intimate community of moms.

Registration closes Sunday, June 18th.

To register choose a payment method above.

Send me an email confirming your spot for this session. 

Contact me if you have any questions

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