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Life has a way of shaking up our daily routines like the spring wind sweeping the papers off your desk.

It can be an annoyance as you pick up the pieces and try to put them back just as they were. OR…it just might be exactly what needed to happen.

I’m sure this is familiar:  Over the last, nearly 3 weeks (I’ve actually lost track at this point) I have had one thing after another get in the way of my beloved and regular yoga routine. It began with an ego driven head stand injury (nothing serious), a busier than normal schedule, a 3 day field trip with my son’s class, and ended with several sick days.

At first I felt panicky and put upon. Then a little guilty when I didn’t find time to practice yoga at home or just for 5 min. (couldn’t I manage that?!), a little fearful I would never get back on the path, a bit more accepting, and then finally;

I arrived at the sweet spot—curiosity. 

As I lay in bed with a sinus headache I began to take a new look at this time out from my day-to-day. Maybe I had something to learn here.

I began to inquire of my regular routine;

  • “How have I become attached?”
  • “How have I become complacent?”
  • “Is my routine still serving me?”
  • “Where could it use some new inspiration?”

I saw how I had given my power over to the routine-ness of my routine.

Maybe it was time to step off that well worn path and trust my intuition to find my way. For me this means that I let go of the shoulds around how I do my yoga and start letting some new light pour in. I can take my yoga back from routine status to creative status. 

It isn’t comfortable to shake things up but it is necessary if I want to stretch myself and keep my yoga alive. The old path is known. My way is yet to be discovered and has no road signs.

I feel the breeze coming through the open kitchen door. I inhale a big breath of inspiration. I exhale it deep down to my belly and listen to the intuition that resides there.

I allow my intuition to be my guide.

For you, dear reader, it could be exercise, food, daily child care, or patterns of communication. You can wait for the winds of life to shake you off your path or you can check in regularly with a little curiosity (using the questions above) and re-set out on YOUR way.



Looking to invoke some more inspiration and curiosity into your daily routines? Contact Jenn Gallucci, Bainbridge Island life coach for moms.

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