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The work of motherhood is not 

or paid,
or in the spotlight.

As mothers, it is up to us to step into our own light, wisdom, and love. Our empowerment empowers our children and our communities.

It begins with putting ourselves at the top of our list. Self-fulfillment is crucial to the sustainability of the great work of motherhood. Creating a sustainable lifestyle that feeds you rather than drains you is what I want to help you with.

Perhaps some of this feels familiar:

  • You want your children to see you thrive but some days you’re just trying to survive getting everyone where they are supposed to go and a healthy meal on the table.
  • You can remember everything on your family’s busy schedule but you never manage to make time for yourself—and when you do you feel guilty about it.
  • You dream of reconnecting to the person you were before motherhood, or taking your personal and creative life to completely new levels. 

Under all the chaos you’re ready.


Develop Your Self-Care Plan

Balance, ease, creativity, joy, clarity, spaciousness, boundaries, health, wholeness, fun: it all starts here.

No matter what you want to shift in your life the first step is laying a healthy foundation through self-care. Creating change whether big or small, takes energy, attention, and intention.

We will begin with a 90-minute coaching session to create a custom self-care plan that includes sleep, movement, stillness, healthy lifestyle choices, and lots of water. We will pay attention to the seasonal rhythms of the earth and your stage in motherhood to create daily and weekly rituals that support your truest intentions.

You will receive a personalized self-care plan (pdf) to hang up somewhere you can see it daily to remind you of what your mind, body, and soul truly desire.

I will follow up with you a week later to check in with a 30-minute coaching session for encouragement, support, and accountability.

You deserve this and I can help.

  • One 90-minute session
  • Personalized self-care plan (pdf)
  • Follow up check-in 30-minute session


Ignite Your Creativity

Motherhood is every day. It’s packing lunches, driving kids to activities, and countless loads of laundry. It’s reading the same book to your little one over and over and over. There are times when it feels overwhelming, isolating, and …it’s OK to admit it…boring.

As I tell my children, “boredom is the precursor to creativity!” Motherhood becomes rich with meaning, connection, play, and a healthful rhythm when we infuse it with more creativity on a daily basis. Suddenly, there is more ease, enthusiasm, and authenticity around how we do what we do each day—even if the what doesn’t change.

Ignite Your Creativity is perfect for you if you are looking to find new creative energy in the day-to-day of motherhood or if you want to find space to begin or return to your creative work or hobby.

Our 90-minute coaching session will focus on simplifying, creating a daily rhythm, declaring your values (at this time), and creating clear boundaries around your time, energy, and space so you can do what brings you alive.

You will receive a personalized creativity plan (pdf) to hang up somewhere you can see it daily.

I will follow up with you a week later to check in with a 30-minute coaching session for encouragement, support, and accountability.

Let creativity support your motherhood so you can better support your creative dreams.

  • One 90-minute session
  • Personalized creativity plan (pdf)
  • Follow up check-in 30-minute session



Jenn is an expert at asking just the right questions and giving a compassionate space for the answers and musings that need voicing. She is easy to talk to because she has a relaxed yet engaged and caring demeanor. She holds the space for clients to recognize the good stuff that exists within them and helps them celebrate themselves, effortlessly inspiring their next move.

Jill B.

You have such a wonderful way with are able to convey joy, love and kindness in a such a lyrical way.  Such a gift to your clients that is uniquely you! 

Katie F.

Although I worked with Jenn for only a small snippet of time, it changed my life dramatically. Jenn helped me release mental blocks that were preventing me from taking action and by doing so, she helped me reshape the way I approached my goals so that I actually took steps and opened doors. I came away from my experience working with Jenn with a new personal perspective and have been actively pursuing my passions and interests with a new sense of freedom and joy.

Sara T.

The Beautiful Mess of Motherhood Program

Go ahead, say it again: it feels so good to hear. The beautiful mess of motherhood.

Chances are if you are reading this you’re already a dedicated and devoted mama. I’m sure you’ve noticed how every time you read up on your child’s development, they go and change. Every time you sweep the floor a child runs through with their muddy shoes to make it to the bathroom in time or to show you the amazing flower they just found in the yard. It’s beautiful and messy, this motherhood, each and every day.

Let go of the small things and reconnect with what matters most

As much as you may want to control your surroundings and all the little and big people in it, that isn’t possible—nor should it be. Instead, The Beautiful Mess of Motherhood Program is here to help you work on your own shifting, growing, and development so you can find the deep fulfillment you crave, within the chaos.

This program is designed to embolden you with self-care practices and creative energy so you can find your own authentic, sustainable, empowered lifestyle of motherhood. This is your chance to do the deep inner work you need to move through self-doubt and limiting beliefs, reconnect with that wonderfully inspired and energetic version of yourself, and finally grab ahold of your dreams, whatever they may be. It definitely isn’t too late.

Learn to live your most inspired life

In eight one-hour coaching sessions together we will focus on how to sustain yourself with self-care practices and rituals throughout your week, develop routines that support your creative dreams, find balance within transitions (from sending the little ones off to school to bigger changes like divorce), and work through fear, overwhelm, and other blocks as you begin to test your wings again.

At the end of our time together you’ll find yourself with more energy and passionate connection to both your day-to-day and your creative dreams. You’ll be equipped with new tools to bring you back to calm so you can be more present for your family and yourself.

We will embrace both the deep, rich beauty and the genuine mess of motherhood. It’s all true and it carries the capacity for deep soul fulfillment and creative growth. 

  • Eight one-hour sessions
  • Personalized self-care plan (pdf) and creativity plan (pdf) to hang up somewhere you can see it daily to remind you of what your heart truly desires
  • Follow up reports and email access between sessions for encouragement, support, inspiration, and accountability


Step into your creative life.
(because creativity isn’t just for artists!)

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